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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 31st, 2015

Episode 242 of 870 episodes

Ruth's home from Prudhoe - she has missed everything so much. With Pip going away, David hopes Ruth will be able to take things on, but Ruth says there's loads to do for Heather - including selling her house. In that case, says David, they need to get a contract milker in. Ruth's a bit thrown. To make Ruth feel better about the idea, David suggests that she does the interviews. Ruth and Pip work together on the job spec. Pip's also going to skip the Game Fair so that she can spend some quality time with Ruth. Jennifer wishes Brian would take a leaf out of retired Tony's book. Tony feels it was the best decision he ever made. Tony's very supportive of Adam's plans for the Home Farm soil. Jennifer mentions Brian's share farming idea - she wouldn't blame Adam if he upped sticks and walked away. It's Johnny's seventeenth birthday tomorrow and Tony teases Jennifer about what she was like at that age. Helen and Rob return from holiday - Pat notices how radiant Helen looks. Helen and Rob surprise Henry by telling him that they got married when they were on holiday - so Rob is now officially his daddy. Henry's delighted.

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