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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 31st, 2016

Episode 563 of 870 episodes

It's the day of the fete. Lilian and Lynda chat in the garden at Ambridge Hall while Scruff dozes on the Resurgam stone. Lynda has decided not to attend the fete, as others have taken the mantle now. At the Rio-themed event, Fallon worries that Benny Carvalho (the footballer who is supposed to be opening the fete) is not answering his phone. Harrison breaks it to her that he's not coming - he was arrested the night before for an incident in a night club. Fallon realises there is only one person who can help them now... Fallon interrupts Lynda and Lilian's lunch and asks Lynda to open the fete. She accepts Fallon's apology and agrees! Later, Lynda opens the fete, wearing a hat she once wore to Ascot. Ed and Harrison look on, impressed with Lynda and the carnival procession. Kenton offers round his caipirinha cocktails. Lynda compliments Fallon on organising the day. They give Lynda a sample box of Brazilian treats as a thank you as well as a bouquet from the committee.

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