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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 31st, 2016

Episode 590 of 870 episodes

Tom's grateful for Ruth's company on the farm walk with the Nuffield scholar. Ruth's happy; she's hoping to pick up some tips herself. They put in some practise on Tom's 'five key questions', and after the tour they both agree they've had a productive time. Although Tom admits he's even more scared now he's found out what a grilling he's in for. Ruth encourages him to do his homework and focus on the positives. Tom's comforted. And what's his interview compared to Helen's imminent fight for her freedom? Pat observes that Helen's very lucky to have Anna on her side. She and Carol agree they need to be patient and let Anna get on with it. Carol's worried for her daughter now that Max has asked for a divorce. Jill sympathises, and suggests Carol books a holiday for Anna. Getting down to Flower and Produce Show business, Carol and Jill come up with the Freda Fry Award for Best in Show. Bert will be touched. Pat gives Ian a gift for Jack as he sets off to visit Helen. On his return Ian reports smiles, hugs and tears all round. And Kaz is coming back to the MBU. Pat just hopes it will be before Helen has to move. Seeing Kaz before the trial would mean so much to her.

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