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Contemporary drama in a rural setting


The Archers 25/10/2015

October 25th, 2015

Episode 315 of 870 episodes

It's the Harvest Festival at St Stephens. Jennifer's grilled for information about Berrow - she insists it's just bad luck and that Lynda is being highly irresponsible to suggest there's an issue with the way they keep the cows. Jill admits to Carol she feels Julia Pargetter doesn't approve of her being in her room at Lower Loxley. Jill worries that the housekeeping has slipped at Brookfield, so Carol encourages Jill to do something about it - perhaps take the family for lunch or send food parcels. Jennifer also suggests to Carol that she could audition for Lady Cravenshire in Calendar Girls. Adam distracts Charlie from his worries with a drink. Charlie explains how the dog carcass got in after the flood - it's type C Botulism. Adam and Brian realise the dog and silage probably came from a Home Farm field - a flooded area. Jennifer thinks the dog could be Scruff. Charlie's not exactly flavour of the month but decides to brave it at the Harvest Festival. Carol suggests to Charlie that he offer to audition for Lynda - he wants to smooth things over with her after their last conversation (or argument). Charlie wants to update Lynda on the situation at Berrow - Jennifer's not sure it's a good idea. She thinks Lynda must never find out that a dog was involved.

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