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Social science, behavioral economics, cognitive psychology -- sound complex? Let's fix that. The Art of Charm Podcast is where self-motivated guys and gals, just like you, come to learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors, including the world's best professional and academic minds, scientists, innovators, coaches, relationship experts, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and other brilliant minds. This show will make you a higher performer, a better networker, a deeper connector and, most importantly, a better thinker.

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411: Ryan Hurd | Dream Like a Boss

June 3rd, 2015

Episode 358 of 807 episodes

Dreams can increase your emotional IQ. "The creative mind awake and asleep is the same mind." -Ryan Hurd The Cheat Sheet: Do we all dream, whether we remember or not? Why napping is a good thing. One of the top ten most common dreams is what? Dream work vs dream interpretation: what's the difference? What is dream incubation? And so much more... Do you remember your dreams from last night? Whether you do or not science has shown we all dream. Joining us to discuss the science of dreams and other dream-related topics is Ryan Hurd, dream expert and author of several books on dreaming includingDream Like a Boss. On this episode of The Art of Charm we dive into lucid dreaming, how dreaming is akin to creative workshopping your problems and how dreams can act as red flags for health problems. Click Here to Support The Show and Check Out HostGator! More About This Show Ryan's journey into dreams began at a young age. He remembershaving very vivid dreams as a child, and being fascinated by them. At 14 he began a dream journal to chronicle his experiences. Although he became a field archaeologist after college, a decade later hereturned to school to study his passion: dreams. He earned an MAin the Consciousness Studies program at John F Kennedy along with a Certificate in Dream Studies. He has worked with dream researchers and experts throughout his career.On this episode Ryan shares us with his scientific and practical application of dreaming. Practically speaking sleep is the third pillar of health, without it diet and exercise don't have nearly the same positive impact as they do when we're sleeping properly. We have to start with good sleep before we can do any quality dream work, like lucid dreaming. Once good sleep is in place our dreams can help us understand what's really important (and who), face our fears and anxieties, increase our emotional IQ and come up with solutions to pressing problems. Ryan says if we have a recurring dream about something or someone there's a lesson in it for us, our sleep is trying to tell us something. Have you had several dreams about a former lover from a decade ago? It doesn't necessarily mean you should contact that old flame. Instead, take that feeling you have from the dream and notice when you have that same feeling in real life: your dream is trying to guide you so you can change your response in that situation. Or if you find yourself dreaming about those bullies from elementary school time and again, use that dream to respond differently; you can use your dream to face those bullies, stand up for yourself and finally work through the fear and anxiety you felt in that situation. You'll have become more powerful in your dream and in real life. And you can use dreams to help you with current day issues: if you're faced with a problem or situation that you don't know how to resolve in real life your dreams can provide options and potential solutions. First you must be adapt at remembering your dreams and you can start by keeping a dream journal.Once you're remembering your dreams you can write down your problem before you go to sleep, then write down your dreams when you wake up. Do this for at least 3 nights in a row and your dreams will provide answers. Ryan and I also explore the topic of lucid dreaming, including some of the latest technological advances in this area plus dream incubation and his dream app recommendations. Check it out on today's episode of The Art of Charm. THANKS RYAN HURD! If you enjoyed this session with Ryan, let him know by clicking on the link below and sending him a quick shout out onTwitter: Click here to thank Ryan on Twitter! Resources from this episode: Ryan Hurd'sweb siteRyan HurdonTwitterDream Like A Boss,Ryan HurdDreams Cloud app, an app for dream journalingThe Art of Charm bootcamps Also sponsored by: Click Here to Support The Show at our sponsors Mixergy!And Podcastone! You'll also like: -The Art of Charm Toolbox-Best of The Art of Charm Podcast On your phone? Clickhereto write us a well-deserved iTunes review and help us outrank the riffraff!Wanna leave a comment? Too bad!Email meinstead (we read everything)! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you dug this episode, please subscribe in iTunes and write us a review! This is what helps us stand out from all the fluff out there. Ways to subscribe to The Art of Charm Click here to subscribe via iTunes Click here to subscribe via RSS You can also subscribe via Stitcher FEEDBACK + PROMOTION Hit us up with your comments and guest suggestions. We read EVERYTHING. Download the FREE AoC app for iPhone Email [email protected] Give us a call at 888.413.7177 Stay Charming!

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