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01: Motion Design

September 16th, 2014

Episode 1 of 5 episodes

On this episode we talk about Interaction and Motion Design – why is it important, what are the tools available for designers nowadays and we speculate about the future of design, where are we going?00:01:50 — Motion: The New FrontierMarc Edwards tweet00:11:19 — Home of The Chat-HeadsFacebook HomeQuartz ComposerLetterpressFacebook PaperPaul Stamatiou – Design Provide Meaning With Motion00:15:44 — PrototypingKeynoteWWDC 2014: Fake it 'Til You Make ItGo Big by Going HomeDave O’Brien video tutorialsFacebook OrigamiSpotify Quartz File on GitHub00:23:00 — Should Designers learn how to code?FramerJSUILang by Benjamin De CockFlintoMeng To's Design+Code00:32:00 — The Future of DesignWilson Miner - When We Build

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