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A photography podcast featuring conversations with the world's best established and emerging photographers.


Seth Joel and Charlie Holland are a husband and wife team that produce natural looking images of people for commercial, advertising work and stock. They combine a life-long passion for making photographs and a keen awareness and knowledge of business to create successful photographic careers. For the past 2 years, they have been collaborating on...

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Earlier this year, a group of photographers gathered at the Los Angeles Center of Photography for LA Street Week, a celebration of street photography. Two days were dedicated to presentations by these photographers about their experience and approach to the art of working on the street. The Candid Frame was graciously given permission to record...

David Patrick Valera is a professional artist (photographer/digital-cinematographer/cameraman) based in Los Angeles. “I grew up in Silverlake, CA.” Not the Forbes Magazine hippest neighborhood known for an invasion of Teslas, horizontal wood fencing and lumber-sexuals, but the mid-city graffiti urban grit and grime it once was back in the 70’...

Kenna Klosterman is likely a familiar face to anyone who has taken a course through CreativeLive, one of the best resources for learning about photography. However as well as serving as a senior host and hundreds of courses, Kenna is also a travel photographer, tour guide, international Host, and culture explorer. Her personal vision is to...