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A photography podcast featuring conversations with the world's best established and emerging photographers.


TCF Ep. 291 - Jaime Ibarra

September 14th, 2015

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Once you’ve made the decision to practice photography and after you’ve made the investment in a camera and software, well, that’s when the real challenge begins. The questions becomes how you get from being yet another guy or gal with a camera to one that actually produces work that is unique, beautiful and hopefully personal. Yet, as difficult and challenging as that might be, we see examples of ordinary people make work that stuns and inspires, using the vary same tools that we readily have access to. Jaime Ibarra is one such photographer. Jaime Ibarra is a self-taught photographer whose creative life began as a musician, then a graphic designer and eventually a photographer. But even though photography came later in his life, he used the skills he he had developed teaching himself music to teach himself how to do extraordinary things with a one camera, one lens and Photoshop. Resources: Jaime Ibarra http://ibarraphoto.com/ Oprisco http://www.oprisco.com/ Los Angeles Center of Photography http://juliadean.com/an-evening-with-ibarionex-perello-sept-22/ Support the work we do at The Candid Frame with your donations via PayPal. https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=_mbo5ws_YJk4b5gYgCW9F_LOL2MnFyOCvX0u0j_E2Uv3tm9Hx3HxlHOCHTe&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d0b9dcb01a9b6dc564e45f62871326a5e

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