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Every week, join award-winning narrator B.J. Harrison as he narrates the greatest stories the world has ever known. From the jungles of South America to the Mississippi Delta, from Victorian England to the sands of the Arabian desert, join us on a fantastic journey through the words of the world's greatest authors. Critically-acclaimed and highly recommended for anyone who loves a good story with plenty of substance.


Ep. 469, The Scarlet Plague, part 1of2, by Jack London

May 6th, 2016

Episode 122 of 184 episodes

12 billionaires rule the United States, while those called freemen are forced to serve the rich. But that was 60 years ago…before the Scarlet Plague. Jack London, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. Welcome to The Classic Tales Podcast. Thank you for listening. Thank you to all of the supporting members of The Classic Tales Podcast. Your support has really helped us weather the ebbs and flows of freelancing. Thank you very much. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that the second edition of Edgar Allan Poe is suspended. The original files are lost, and I would need to record it all over again in order to update the audio. So The Edgar Allan Poe Collection will remain as it stands, now at a reduced price of only $5.99 at www.thebestaudiobooks.com. The good news is that in its place I will be recording the very first Sherlock Holmes novella: A Study in Scarlet in May. See Watson and Holmes meet and solve their first case together. Check your inboxes for an announcement next week! When most people think of Jack London, they usually think of Alaska, the Klondike, and dog sleds. However, he wrote successfully in many genres including science fiction. Today’s story is the first half of a post apocalyptic novella written in 1915. Now, as with most of the stories on the Podcast, today’s tale reflects the prejudices of London’s time in 1915. Not only are its attitudes towards “uncivilized” people offensive, but his outlook toward the poor and unprivileged is also disparaging. So let’s learn from the past and celebrate how far we’ve come. And now, The Scarlet Plague, part 1 of 2, by Jack London.

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