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Every week, join award-winning narrator B.J. Harrison as he narrates the greatest stories the world has ever known. From the jungles of South America to the Mississippi Delta, from Victorian England to the sands of the Arabian desert, join us on a fantastic journey through the words of the world's greatest authors. Critically-acclaimed and highly recommended for anyone who loves a good story with plenty of substance.


Episode 379, The Wire Jacket - a Fu-Manchu Adventure, by Sax Rohmer

August 15th, 2014

Episode 25 of 184 episodes

The night’s stillness is broken as Dr. Petrie rushes out to care for a dying patient, and the subtle machinations of villainy begin their work as the nefarious Dr. Fu-Manchu again rears his insidious head in London. Sax Rohmer, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. Monday, The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu will be released at www.thebestaudiobooks.com. You still have a few days to take advantage of the preorder pricing, and save $3. Today’s podcast episode contains the first three chapters in the book, containing a standalone episode in the wondrous adventures of Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie in their valiant search for the diabolical Dr. Fu-Manchu. If you like today’s episode, don’t delay! Preorder your copy of The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu today. And if you haven’t heard the first book in the series, it is now available for only $4.99! If you have enjoyed The Classic Tales Podcast over the years, please consider becoming a financial supporter. The membership fee is 5 dollars a month. I’ve set it up to bill you automatically, so you won’t even feel it. In return, I’ll send you a monthly coupon code for $6 toward anything at my online store at www.thebestaudiobooks.com. This coupon is good in addition to any sales or preorder pricing. So, if you use every coupon code, over the course of the year, you’ll save $12! If you don’t use the codes, and just want to lend a hand keeping the boat afloat, I’ve hopefully set it up so you won’t really feel any financial pull. Any way you look at it, we all win. The coupon code is on the email confirming your order, so you can use it as soon as your order goes through. It’s super simple, and a great way to ensure that The Classic Tales Podcast can stick around for many years to come. I need a hundred and twenty-five people to become supporters just to pay the monthly bills to keep the podcast going. Please step up and Support The Classic Tales Podcast. You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy some Fu-Manchu!

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