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Every week, join award-winning narrator B.J. Harrison as he narrates the greatest stories the world has ever known. From the jungles of South America to the Mississippi Delta, from Victorian England to the sands of the Arabian desert, join us on a fantastic journey through the words of the world's greatest authors. Critically-acclaimed and highly recommended for anyone who loves a good story with plenty of substance.


Episode 397, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Part 7of8, by Oscar Wilde

December 19th, 2014

Episode 43 of 184 episodes

Dorian Gray’s dissipated journey continues, as he blackmails a chemist to dispose of human remains. But while seeking sordid comfort in an opium den, he runs into the man who more than anything wants Dorian Gray dead. Oscar Wilde, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. Welcome to The Classic Tales Podcast. Thank you for listening. App users: check your special features to hear A Christmas Carol, part 4 of 4, by Charles Dickens The Count of Monte Cristo, Part 1 of 3, by Alexandre Dumas is now available to for only 10.99. Edmond Dantes is a dashing young sailor imprisoned unjustly for treason. While in prison, he meets a holy man who imparts to him all his wisdom of languages, philosophy, science and literature. The abbe also divulges the profound secret of a hidden treasure. Dantes realizes that with such immense wealth one could do a generous amount of good for one’s friends. On the other hand, one could also wreak a hateful vengeance on one’s enemies. Now escaped from prison, and armed with untold riches, a wealth of intelligence, and a countenance utterly unrecognizable, Dantes fulfills his vow to wreak complete and utter revenge on those who conspired against him.The first part of this classic adventure is over 12 hours in length. Go now to www.thebestaudiobooks.com and get part 1 of The Count of Monte Cristo. Classic Tales financial supporters can use their monthly coupon codes, and save $6. And now, The Picture of Dorian Gray, part 7of8, by Oscar Wilde.

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