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131 - Jen Kirkman

July 28th, 2015

Episode 156 of 245 episodes

From the “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival in Montreal, Jen Kirkman breaks down the elements of her personality that create such a thrilling dynamic in her stage and screen performance. Relentlessly analytical of her emotions, she’s very candid about her self-criticism, the crisis of creating a comedy special about her marriage whilst knowing deep down she wanted that union to end, and how she connects so deeply with her audience… Support the podcast by pressing “donate” atwww.comedianscomedian.com, and see the show live atEdinburgh. Just For Laughs, Dave Chappelle, I Seem Fun, Kurt Metzger, Netflix, I’m Gonna Die Alone, Chelsea Handler, Marc Maron, Bll Burr, Hail To The Freaks, Melbo [...]

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