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141 - Matt Lucas

September 25th, 2015

Episode 166 of 245 episodes

One of the most recognisable faces in UK comedy, Matt Lucas charts his journey from Shooting Stars’ improvising baby-grow nutcase George Dawes, to the double-act with David Walliams that made him a household name, to his most recent foray into purely physical comedy Pompidou. We explore his writing and creative process, and as well as unpacking the controversy surrounding Little Britain and Come Fly with Me, we learn what drives Matt, and whether his success has brought him happiness. Help support the podcast by simply clicking “donate” at comedianscomedian.com George Dawes, Sir Bernard Chumley, Harry Enfield, Little Britain, Vic and Bob, Charlie Chaplin, Ben Miller, Ivor Dembina, Alan Davies, Owen Jones, Shooting Stars, BBC One, BBC Three, Rhys Thomas, Nicole Kidman, Peter Kay

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