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145A - Jimmy Pardo (Part Two of Two)

October 19th, 2015

Episode 172 of 245 episodes

In the second part of our conversation, Jimmy Pardo discusses his incredibly successful “Never Not Funny” podcast, the super fans who regularly go to great lengths to see the show, and the “misfitness” of the podcast audience. That’s you people. We love you. You can support the show with a one-time donation or recurring monthly payment at www.comedianscomedian.com/donate Seinfeld, Nerdist, Write Now, Conan O’Brien, Kumail Nanjiani, Greg Behrendt, Matt Belknap, Never Not Funny, Dawn and Drew, The Onion, Ricky Gervais, Todd Glass, Doug Benson, Patton Oswalt, Greg Proops, Brian Regan, LA Podfest, Writing, Standup

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