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147 - Jason Byrne (Live at the Edinburgh Fringe)

November 4th, 2015

Episode 174 of 245 episodes

Introducing Jason Byrne to an audience is like dropping a vitamin tablet into a glass of water; his shows are a masterclass in improvised mayhem. He talks here about the challenges of translating that madness onto TV, examines the structure of a particularly memorable incident in real depth, and also discusses the times when the show hasn’t catalysed as he wanted. Help support the podcast with a one-off donation or regular monthly payment atcomedianscomedian.com/donate John Bishop, Noel Fielding, Billy Connolly, Bob Monkhouse, The Young Ones, Steve Martin, Tommy Cooper, Kenny Everett, Carson, Mike Wilmot, Bottom, French and Saunders, Dylan Moran, Tommy Tiernan, Stephen Fry, Ken Dodd, Spike Milligan, Phil Nichol, The Pleasance

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