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153 - Isy Suttie (Live at the Soho Theatre)

January 8th, 2016

Episode 180 of 245 episodes

Stand-up; songwriter; Peep Show’s “Dobby”; and under it all still “The girl who jumped off Matlock Bridge for a quid”, Isy Suttie applies a psychedelic imagination to her forensic grasp of life’s minutiae. We explore the stubbornness that underpins her eccentricity, dissect the word “whimsical”, and accidentally vomit into a spiderweb. See Stu live on tour from March:www.comedianscomedian.com/tour_2016 Support the podcast:www.comedianscomedian.com/donate Peep Show, Glenn Wool, David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Joe Wilkinson, Isy Suttie’s Love Letters, Radio 4, Dan Atkinson, Tim Key, Pearl and Dave, Toast of London, The Actual One, So You Think You’re Funny, Matt King, Amused Moose, Laughing Horse [...]

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