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164 - Jimmy Carr (Part One of Two)

April 4th, 2016

Episode 191 of 245 episodes

In this first part of a two hour interview with one of the UK’s most respected comedians, Jimmy Carr reveals the inner mechanism of his bulletproof stage act. We focus on his extraordinary ease with hecklers, his mastery of put-downs, and we learn some of the techniques he uses to mint hundreds of new jokes every year. But is he as bulletproof emotionally as he appears to be onstage? See Stu’s standup tour show at Soho Theatrewww.sohotheatre.com Find other dates for Stu’s tour atwww.comedianscomedian.com/tour_2016 Support the show atwww.comedianscomedian.com/donate Nick Helm, Robin Ince, Ricky Gervais [...]

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