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186 - Tony Law Returns

November 15th, 2016

Episode 215 of 245 episodes

A lot has changed since Old Tone’s last appearance on the podcast. He’s clean, sober and re-launching, but no less of a uniquely hilarious act. We talk about how he’s trying to extract value from everything in his life, and look back on how, like Obelix, he fell into the potion… This episode is sponsored by www.nextupcomedy.com where you can watch the Tony Law Collection as well as bundles of other diverse comedy you can’t find anywhere else! (The episode also conceals a code for a third off subscription for 3 months.) See Stu on tour in 2017 www.comedianscomedian.com/tour Support the podcast your way at www.comedianscomedian.com/donate Buy Stu’s album “Extra Life” atwww.comedianscomedian.com/shop

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