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If you are a graphic designer, web designer or a visual designer of any kind, this is the podcast for you. Each episode tackles a different graphic design related topic, from finding better clients to online portfolios to making sure you get paid. We also offer tips and tricks in our "Do Yourself a Favor" segment and advice when we answer a listener question. The Deeply Graphic Design-Cast is hosted by three successful, working designers with a wealth of real world experience to draw upon, so listen close! You're bound to learn something in each and every episode. Email listener questions to [email protected] Yours may be answered in a future episode!


Unless you have all the business you can handle, AND you are making the kind of money you deserve, you should probably consider advertising in one way or another. In this episode, the gang discusses the various platforms available that work in 2017. We talk about paid options, but Mikelle has another method that she […] The post An Ad-ucation in...

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