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Stories feature on the Drabblecast are generally narrated by charismatic host, humorist, and musician Norm Sherman. A full production, the Drabblecast features multiple voice actors, music, and foley effects. The podcast has a finely tuned 'voice' that crosses all genres, including horror, science fiction, fantasy and 'other.' Special features include 100-word stories called, “drabbles,” 100 character stories coined “twabbles,” as well as Norm's own Bbardles, songs based on story themes. Original cover art accompanies every episode.


“What have we got, Sergeant Kelley?” I ask, tired and bored from a long day of doing very little. I was just about to go home to my empty flat. These days it’s not so different from the police station. … read more The post Drabblecast 383 – SUN MOON CAT MAN appeared first on The Drabblecast.

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“I enjoy watching children,” she said. “It comforts me to remember that I too was a child once, and one day they too will be old.” Her shiny olive skin was firm, but even the best youth-treatments couldn’t hide the … read more The post Drabblecast 382 – Down the Well appeared first on The Drabblecast.

Unathi was singing karaoke when the creature attacked Tokyo. Or rather, she was about to sing karaoke. Was, in fact, about to be the very first person in Shibuya’s Big Echo to break in the newly uploaded Britney hip-hop remix … read more The post Drabblecast 381 – Unathi Battles the Black Hairballs appeared first on The Drabblecast.

In the final days of Earth as we knew it, Chang E won the moon lottery. For Earthlings who were neither rich nor well-connected, the lottery was the only way to get on the Lunar Habitation Programme. (This was the … read more The post Drabblecast 380 – The Four Generations of Chang E appeared first on The Drabblecast.