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Stories feature on the Drabblecast are generally narrated by charismatic host, humorist, and musician Norm Sherman. A full production, the Drabblecast features multiple voice actors, music, and foley effects. The podcast has a finely tuned 'voice' that crosses all genres, including horror, science fiction, fantasy and 'other.' Special features include 100-word stories called, “drabbles,” 100 character stories coined “twabbles,” as well as Norm's own Bbardles, songs based on story themes. Original cover art accompanies every episode.


Drabblecast 347 – Why I Hate Zombie Unicorns

January 11th, 2015

Episode 61 of 102 episodes

The good news is, zombie unicorns almost never bite. The bad news is, even a tiny scratch from a zombie unicorn horn will turn you into a zombie. Mom discovered that by accident. Why … read more The post Drabblecast 347 – Why I Hate Zombie Unicorns appeared first on The Drabblecast.

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