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In the aftermath of the horrific suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena on Monday, Anne McElvoy is joined by Gilles Kepel, one of Europe's leading experts on radical Islam, and deputy foreign editor Anton La Guardia to explore what motivates jihadist attacks.

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In the wake of the Manchester bombing, Dr Robert Wesley explains how artificial intelligence can spot extremist behaviour early. Coloured light can now be used to control how genetically-engineered organisms behave. Also, what we must to do to preserve the oceans

Simon Long and Philip Coggan reflect on the suicide bombing in Manchester and its impact on the markets. In the rest of the programme: as heads roll at Ford, our industry expert Simon Wright explains the problems besetting the car manufacturer. Why some African countries are reluctant to sign up to trade deals. And, how Cuba has transformed a...

This week: A political fight breaks out over Rome’s Colosseum, Australians debate how to deal with sharks and what a future utopian society might think of humanity today