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Money talks: Goodbye Benito

July 18th, 2017

Brazil’s rigid labour market regulations were transplanted wholesale from Benito Mussolini’s Italy back in 1943. Now President Michel Temer has approvedan overhaul. Will it encourage job creation? Also, an exorcist in Paris fighting “bad spirits”. And why President Trump is playing hardball in renegotiating NAFTA. Hosted by Andrew Palmer.

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This week: Russia’s dissident superheroes, how climate change will affect America’s GDP and the stories and techniques behind fine-art photography

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The week ahead: Junior move

July 14th, 2017

US editor John Prideaux parses the latest scandal to hit the American president. Did Donald junior break any laws by meeting a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign? Also, many African leaders see Paul Kagame's Rwanda as a model to emulate. They are wrong.And finally, why belief in sorcery has grave consequences in Papua New Guinea.

In this episode, hosted by Daniel Franklin, we look at The Economist's annual assortment of scenarios taken to their logical extremes. We discuss the Macron miracle, a world where blockchains rule and the conundrum of controlling the weather.