The Edge - A Podcast Novel

Scott Wittenburg

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Listen to the new sci-fi audiobook by the author of The May Day Murders.

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Chapter 13 (pt.2): The Edge - A Podcast Novel

July 21st, 2007

Episode 17 of 21 episodes

Chapter 13, part 2: Saturday: Adam's desperate leap. The Edge - A Podcast Novel is a sci-fi audiobook by Scott Wittenburg. This science fiction book and other books by the author are available at several online retailers. For details, please go to Scott Wittenburg.com. Synopsis: A parallel universe. Does one exist? If so, what might be its role in the grand scheme of things? Someone is about to find out. Adam Fuller is a struggling musician who has left his small Ohio hometown for New York City in pursuit of his lifelong dream to be a rock and roll star. Unfortunately, he has discovered the hard way that the Manhattan showcase club scene for unsigned bands is not what it used to be. Ellen Brigatti is a renowned NYC photographer whose artistry has propelled her to an elite niche among the top names in her profession. Life couldn’t be better for this beautiful young rising star in the glamorous world of fashion photography. Or so it would seem. But Adam and Ellen share something in common that has hurled them both down a perilous path of self-destruction. And neither one is capable of stopping the runaway train that continues to speed relentlessly toward its inevitable final destination. Eventually, only one of them will know where that train has taken them.

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