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Food for Thought

September 3rd, 2012

Episode 13 of 92 episodes

When President Obama was welcomed for his ‘night of friendship’ dinner with Prime Minister Gillard in Canberra last year, he feasted on ‘a macadamia and thyme encrusted lamb canon with avocado cream quenelle’ and wattleseed pavlova. Yet on our doorstep in nearby Indonesia – far from the horn of Africa or Bangladesh - one in three children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition. For most of human history food was a source of strength and nourishment: people were concerned with the supply and cost of food, not the colour of their salt. Food trends, food critics and celebrity chefs didn’t exist. In Australia, the change in food culture has been remarkably fast and dramatic. The way we produce, purchase and eat our food has shifted from sustenance to fetish. How did this happen? And has it gone too far? Or can our obsession with food somehow serve to improve rather than ignore the malnutrition experienced by so many on our planet? Join Sally Warhaft and writer Maria Tumarkin, food writer Richard Cornish and Oxfam Executive Director Andrew Hewett. Missed it by that much? The podcast is here: mp3 The Fifth Estate is the Wheeler Centre’s series of fortnightly forums: a more measured approach to news and current affairs. Provocative and studied, authoritative and unhurried, this is real analysis that pulls no punches. Hosted by broadcaster, journalist and anthropologist Sally Warhaft, The Fifth Estate is indispensible live journalism. All our events are recorded, with podcasts posted on our website by noon the following day. You can subscribe online, to make sure you never miss out. To stay in touch with upcoming Fifth Estate topics, keep an eye on our website, Twitter and Facebook, and our weekly e-news. The events are free, but bookings are required – get in quick, as we’ve been known to sell out.

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