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Good Sport

March 4th, 2013

Episode 20 of 92 episodes

At the 1960 games in Rome, the first known Olympic doper, Danish cyclist Knud Enemark Jensen, died after being given Roniacol before his race - a drug intended to increase blood circulation. Yet from the East German swimmers, to Ben Johnson and Marion Jones, athletes have continued to push the boundaries of peak fitness with illegal doping. When Lance Armstrong finally admitted to Oprah Winfrey last month that for him it hadn’t actually been ‘All About the Bike’, the collective disappointment was palpable. Now, an Australian Crime Commission report has revealed damning allegations of doping, match fixing and links to organised crime in Australian sporting codes. What should we make of the ACC report? Should we expect more from our athletes and our sporting organisations? And what are the ramifications of sports science wizardry (and other forms of cheating) for Australian athletes, administrators, coaches and fans? Join host Sally Warhaft with special guests Tim Lane, Gideon Haigh and Peter Gordon for an in-depth look at the culture of sport. Missed this one? Download the podcast: mp3 (38.6mb) The Fifth Estate is indispensible live journalism – the Wheeler Centre’s series of fortnightly forums hosted by broadcaster, journalist and anthropologist Sally Warhaft. Sally’s formidable intelligence, innate curiosity and savvy interviewing style draws the best out of her subjects, resulting in surprising revelations or even breaking news – but always, a riveting exchange of ideas. Events in 2012 (all available as podcasts via our website), featured Lindsay Tanner on democracy, George Megalogenis dissecting the budget, and media mavens Harold Mitchell, Paul Kelly and Andrew Jaspan on the print media crisis.

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