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We're fans of Lovecraftian stories, movies, comics and the like. In each podcast, we discuss a specific H.P. Lovecraft story - what it's about, how it reads, why it may have been written and what other works of art it's influenced. It's fun and a little creepy. Won't you join us? The horrid truth is that you already have....


Episode 35 – Under The Pyramids – Part 1

March 18th, 2010

Episode 37 of 224 episodes

This week, we are joined by guest host Andrew Leman as we descend Under the Pyramids! We have film star and Los Angeles personalityMatt Foyer as reader. He’s pretty flippin’ awesome! Music cues for the show were provided by composer Reber Clark, from his movie Lovecraft Paragraphs. Learn more about the [...]

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