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9 Terrific Movies that Always Make Me Feel Happier

April 26th, 2016

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If I’m in a blue mood, one of the best ways to distract myself, and give myself a quick shot of cheer, is to watch a laugh-inducing movie. Last week, I posted about 7 great movies about the nature of happiness and love. These are wonderful movies; they’re transcendent, but not in a laugh-out-loud way. It’s a Secret of Adulthood: Happiness doesn’t always make you feel happpy. A mystery. Here, though, are nine movies that always put a smile on my face: Shrek — I’ve seen this movie countless times, and it gets funnier every time. “That’s a niiiiiiice boulder.” Groundhog Day — very funny, and also very deep. The Sound of Music — I think I’ve memorized every word of the dialogue and every note of every song. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — funny, whimsical, just a little bit eerie, makes me nostalgic for my childhood in a nice way. Tootsie — how I love this movie. So many funny lines. Annie Hall — again, I know every line. This Is Spinal Tap — I love all Christopher Guest movies, but this is my favorite. Monsters, Inc. ... The post 9 Terrific Movies that Always Make Me Feel Happier appeared first on Gretchen Rubin.

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