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A Lesson in Happiness and Love I Learned from Rob Lowe

September 18th, 2015

Episode 126 of 540 episodes

I’m not a particular fan (or not) of Rob Lowe, but several people had recommended his memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, so I decided to read it. It was very interesting for many reasons, and I was particularly struck by a story Lowe told, recalling a visit to the White House during his time on the show The West Wing: On my last visit to the Clinton White House, I’m standing on the South Lawn with [my wife] Sheryl and the boys talking to the president before he hops onto Marine One. My youngest son, Johnowen, is holding his stuffed frog, Gwee Gwee, which he never lets out of his sight, under any circumstances. It has been his security blanket since he was an infant. But now, he takes it out of his mouth and hands his old, tattered frog to the president. “Well, look at this!” says the president. “Is this for me?” he asks. Johnowen nods shyly. “For you,” he says in a small voice. Sheryl and I look at each other in shock. “Wow, Johnowen!” exclaims Matthew. “Well, thank you, young man. I bet you didn’t know, but I collect frogs. Have since I was a boy like you…I’ll keep ...

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