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Daylight Saving Time! How to Survive the Loss of an Hour of Sleep.

March 11th, 2016

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There’s a very helpful Daylight Saving Time mnemonic: “spring forward, fall back.” This Sunday, we “spring forward” and turn our clocks ahead one hour — which means losing an hour of sleep. And for many of us, each hour of sleep is precious. So what can you do to offset that loss? My book Better Than Before has lots of ideas about forming habits — including habits related to sleep. 1. Use the Strategy of First Steps. There’s a magic to starting, to taking that first step. Often, it helps to have some kind of external prompt, or a cultural milestone, to remind us to take a first step. Like a New Year’s resolution, a cue like Daylight Saving Time makes a good time to start a new sleep habit. You could start new better sleep habits at any time, of course, but Daylight Saving Time is a good prompt. For instance… 2. Give yourself a bedtime. Many adults don’t have an official bedtime; they just go to bed when they feel “tired.” But it’s so easy to keep ourselves jacked up on sugar, caffeine, office email, or binge-watching TV, so we don’t feel tired, even though we belong in bed. Most ... The post Daylight Saving Time! How to Survive the Loss of an Hour of Sleep. appeared first on Gretchen Rubin.

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