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Do You Love a Conference as Much as I Do? Plus, We Won an Award!

July 12th, 2016

Episode 308 of 540 episodes

I just got back from Chicago, where I went to the Podcast Movement conference for podcasters. (Have I mentioned that I have a podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin? Yes, I think I have.) Beforehand, I had a funny conversation with a friend which made me realize that not everyone enjoys conferences as much as I do. She’s starting a podcast, and I was trying to convince her to go to this conference at the last minute. She said, “You’re trying to entice me to go to a big, soulless corporate hotel, where I won’t step outside all day, just drink bad coffee and listen to panels about one subject?” And I said enthusiastically, “Yes, it will be so much fun!” No surprise, she didn’t go. Here’s why I had a great time: At the last minute, my sister and co-host Elizabeth was able to come. We wore our matching T-shirts with our “Happier” logo that she made for us, we went to panels together, we ate all our meals together. It’s so great when we get the chance to have a sisterly adventure — which means we experienced novelty and challenge, two elements that boost happiness. And… We won an award! Best Health and ... The post Do You Love a Conference as Much as I Do? Plus, We Won an Award! appeared first on Gretchen Rubin.

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