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Frequently Asked Question: How Do I Read So Much?

February 5th, 2016

Episode 211 of 540 episodes

I have a new habit that I truly love: every Sunday night, I post a photo on my Facebook Page of all the books I’ve read that week. Doing this gives me enormous satisfaction. Because of my also-fairly-new habit of quitting any book I don’t enjoy, if you see a book in the photo, it means that I enjoyed it enough to finish it. No matter when I started a book, I post its picture for the week that I finished it. Some weeks I read very little; some weeks, I read a lot. I often read several books at one time (a habit I picked up from my husband). On weeks when I’ve read a lot, people often ask, “How do you read so much?” Some people have even accused me of…not telling the truth. Which I find hilarious, I must say. If you look at the books pictured, you can just tell that I’m telling the truth. But here’s the thing: I have no idea when or how I read. I feel like I have no time to read. In fact, when I was working on Better Than Before, I tried to keep a time log to ...

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