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Happiness Is…Taking a Vacation.

August 16th, 2015

Episode 112 of 540 episodes

Farewell — I’m off on a family vacation. It’s time for an “island of leisure,” as William Edward Hartpole Lecky put it: “Pleasure is a jewel which will only retain its luster when it is in a setting of work, and a vacant life is one of the worst of pains, though the islands of leisure that stud a crowded, well-occupied life may be among the things to which we look back with the greatest delight.” “But Gretchen,” you may be thinking, “how can I possibly get along without your daily musings about good habits and happiness?” Ah, all you need to do is to pick up a copy of Better Than Before, The Happiness Project, or Happier at Home. I can’t resist adding that these books were instant New York Times bestsellers, andThe Happiness Project was on the bestseller list for two years. Yes, two years. Zoikes. Or if you’re in the mood to listen, you can listen to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, the podcast I do with my sister Elizabeth Craft. We’re getting close to three million downloads, in just several months! Thank you, listeners. Not sure how to listen to a ...

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