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Have You Ever Lost Your Love for Something–Like the Mountains? Did You Turn Elsewhere?

November 28th, 2015

Episode 173 of 540 episodes

“I have to admit that, although I do not feel that I myself have changed, my love for the mountains is draining away from me like a wave running backwards down the sand. My thoughts are unchanged, but the mountains have taken leave of me. Their unchanging joys mean less and less to me, so long and so intently have I sought them out….When I climb, it is not among bracken and rock-face, but among the phantoms of my memories…. What attracts me now is the forest.” —Tristes Tropiques, Claude Levi-Strauss This is a poignant reminder that sometimes we lose our passion for something that once gave us great joy. Perhaps we lose the physical stamina to play tennis, or we weary of needlepoint, or we move to place where gardening isn’t possible. Or, as has happened to me, we spend enough time on a fascinating subject that we come to the end of it, for ourselves. I experienced this with Churchill. What a joy it was to write Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill, my biography of Churchill! What a subject! And yet now, when I see a new Churchill biography in the bookstore, I have no desire ...

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