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How to Get Your Habits Fix over the Holidays.

December 18th, 2015

Episode 184 of 540 episodes

This morning, I posted a video of some of my favorite Christmas ornaments. I have one table-top tree (pictured here) where I hang my collection of blue-bird ornaments — bluebirds are my personal symbol, because they’re a symbol of happiness. On another tree, I have the ornaments I collected in childhood, and on yet another tree, I have my fabulous collection of Alice in Wonderland ornaments. My parents give me a new ornament each year. I’m in the holidays spirit, because my family and I leave tomorrow for Kansas City. Yay! I love going back to my hometown for the holidays. So I won’t be posting much next week. Except — on Wednesday, watch out for the post about the latest podcast episode. Elizabeth and I will be interviewing a fascinating guest — and if you look at my weekly photo of the books I’ve read that week, on my Facebook Page, maybe you can guess; I hinted at it. If you don’t want to miss this special episode of Happier, make sure tosubscribe to the podcast! Also, because so many people have requested the “21 Days, 21 Strategies for Habit Change” email package, I’ve ...

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