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Like Me, Are You Haunted by Reading People’s Final Journal Entries?

August 10th, 2015

Episode 109 of 540 episodes

Lately, I’ve been somewhat obsessively reading Thomas Merton’s journals. It was very eerie to read the final entry in his journal — which, of course, he had no idea would be his last. And that got me remembering other final journal entries from authors I love. From Thomas Merton: Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. In a little while I leave the hotel. I’m going to say Mass at St. Louis Church, have lunch at the Apostolic Delegation, and then on to the Red Cross place this afternoon. —The Journals of Thomas Merton, vol. 7, December 8, 1968, Bangkok (Merton died on December 10, 1968, while at a conference, from an accidental electric shock from a fan with faulty wiring) From Virginia Woolf: A curious sea side feeling in the air today. It reminds me of lodgings on a parade at Easter. Everyone leaning against the wind, nipped & silenced. All pulp removed. This windy corner. And Nessa is at Brighton, & I am imagining how it wd be if we could infuse souls. Octavia’s story. Could I englobe it somehow? English youth in 1900. Two long letters from Shena & O. I ...

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