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“Oddly, Though, Lists Are Reassuring.”

January 4th, 2015

Episode 14 of 540 episodes

“Oddly, though, lists are reassuring. We become aware of this if we scrupulously follow a recipe, which is essentially a list of ingredients and actions; but if we give this ‘list’ too much importance, we leave no room for the imagination.” —Jean-Claude Ellena, The Diary of a Nose: A Year in the Life of a Parfumeur I’m obsessed with the delights of the sense of smell, which led me to a much greater interest in perfume. Jean-Claude Ellena is one of the major figures in the creation of perfume. The Diary of a Nose is his book about his process. I’m very attracted to any kind of list, particularly to-do lists. They can be freeing, but also constraining — like so many things.

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