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Podcast #10: Special Episode! Live from Elizabeth’s Cluttered Closet.

April 29th, 2015

Episode 48 of 540 episodes

My sister Elizabeth Craft and I are having a great time doing our new podcast, “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.“ Today’s episode is completely different from our usual format. Because I was in Los Angeles for my book tour for Better Than Before, we were in the same place (which we usually aren’t). And Elizabeth had the brilliant idea that we should record ourselves as we observed one of our familiar sisterly rituals: whenever I visit Elizabeth, we clean out her closet. So this episode comes straight to you from the depths of Elizabeth’s closet. Which happens to be a walk-in closet in Encinco, California. I’ve always loved before-and-after photos, and here are some from her closet. Among other things, we discuss why, trivial as it may be, cleaning out a closet is likely to make you happier; why you should designate a recipient for your give-aways, before you start clearing; why you should actively ponder your stuff; why it’s helpful to store something in an exact place; why you shouldn’t get organized — plus there’s a shoe-sorting montage. We had a great time doing this — though I’m pretty sure I enjoyed ...

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