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Pre-order Before December 15, Get Special Bonus!

November 30th, 2015

Episode 174 of 540 episodes

I’m very excited — the paperback version of Better Than Before hits the shelves on December 15. I love the bold new cover. To celebrate, I’m offering a special deal. If you pre-order the book now, I’ll send you a special email package I created: “21 Days, 21 Strategies to Change Your Habits.” Every day for 21 days, you’ll get an email from me, with a description of a different habit strategy to try. So let’s say you’re trying to get yourself to go to the gym regularly. Each day’s email will outline a different strategy you might consider, as you’re searching for ways to help yourself stick to that good habit. Don’t worry, the emails aren’t long and overwhelming! A short description, some examples, a video to watch if you want — just enough to get you thinking about how you can apply the strategy in your own life. Leading up to the paperback, I’m offering “21 Days, 21 Strategies to Change Your Habits” for free, to thank people who order the paperback (or audio-book or e-book). After that, it won’t be free anymore. Like the other 21 day projects. So, as they say in practically every commercial ever, “Act now! ...

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