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The Secret Weapon to Help You Stick to Your Good Habits.

November 9th, 2015

Episode 163 of 540 episodes

It’s been so satisfying to haveBetter Than Before out in the world. (And, I must admit, also very satisfying that it’s a bestseller.) It’s fascinating to me to hear how people respond to it — what ideas they find most helpful or most surprising, and how they use the habit strategies themselves. In particular, many people have asked me for the starter kit, for people who want to launch a Better Than Before habits group, where people work on their habits together. It’s clear to me why so many people want it. For many, many people, the secret weapon of habit-change is outer accountability. In Better Than Before, I identify the “Four Tendencies“: Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels. Your Tendency makes a big difference when it comes to how you can most easily change your habits. (To take the quiz to identify your Tendency, go here.) The biggest group? Obliger. Obligers readily meet outer expectations, like work deadlines, but struggle to meet inner expectations, like a New Year’s resolution. Like my friend who never missed track practice in high school, but can’t get herself to go running now. Understand the Patterns in Your Behavior For Obligers, it’s often ...

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