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Want to Get My Podcast by Email? Now You Can.

October 2nd, 2015

Episode 136 of 540 episodes

Elizabeth and I are having so much fun with our weekly podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. We just launched it six months ago, and we’re already closing in on four million downloads. Zoikes! Many listeners have told us that they’d like to be able to get an email alert every time we release a new episode. Voila! Done. To sign up, click here (happiercast.com/join), enter your email, and then you’ll get an email alert for the new episode each week. The email will include images, links to books or other things we talk about, our contact information, and, of course, a button to allow you to listen right from the email. About the Podcast In the podcast, my sister Elizabeth Craft and I talk about how to build happier habits into everyday life, as we draw from cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom, lessons from pop culture—and our own experiences (and mistakes). We’re sisters, so we don’t let each other get away with much! The New Yorkerobserved, “Their voices remind you that life is a human project that we’re all experimenting with.” Buzzfeed called the podcast “life-changing.” Yep, we’re life-changing!

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