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Want To Talk about Your Habits in a Group? It’s a Good Idea.

April 9th, 2015

Episode 35 of 540 episodes

It’s been so satisfying to haveBetter Than Before out in the world at last. I must admit, I do look in every bookstore I pass, to see it on the shelves. I get a thrill every time. (I’ve also been known to sneak around putting copies of my books in more conspicuous places.) And I was thrilled, yesterday, to hear thatBetter Than Before is still holding strong on the New York Times bestseller list. Yay! Thank you, readers. It’s fascinating to me to hear how people are responding, now that there’s been time for people to have read the book — what ideas they’re finding most helpful or most surprising, and how they’re using the habit strategies themselves. Please email me or post a comment here if you find a great way to apply one of the 21 strategies! I simply cannot hear enough examples. For instance, yesterday, I got an email from one reader who had leased a new car, and then used the Strategy of the Clean Slate to break the habit of eating fast food during the commute home from work. In the new car, no fast food. So simple, so brilliant. In particular, many ...

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