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What Are the Funniest Movies? 11 Suggestions to Get You Thinking.

July 26th, 2016

Episode 316 of 540 episodes

I have a friend who’s going through a very rough patch, and I said to him, “You need to take short breaks from your worries. Why don’t you make an effort to watch funny movies? They’ll give you a little boost, when you’re feeling low. And taking good care of yourself will help you deal with this situation better.” He agreed, but as we were talking about it, he said, “Maybe it’s because of everything I’m dealing with, but I can’t think of anything I want to see. The only funny movie I can think of is Caddyshack. And I’m not even a huge fan of Caddyshack.” So I want to make him a long list of funny movies, Some thoughtful, some goofy, some old, some new, so he has something for every mood. I’m sure this list could be much longer. What movies have I overlooked — or never seen myself? Tootsie Groundhog Day Elf Clueless This Is Spinal Tap Airplane Office Space Monty Python and the Holy Grail Shrek Annie Hall Monsters, Inc. Watching funny movies or TV is a great way to get a quick mood boost. It’s true: laughter is good medicine. It made me happier just to think about ... The post What Are the Funniest Movies? 11 Suggestions to Get You Thinking. appeared first on Gretchen Rubin.

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