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What Do You Do with Holiday Cards? Keep, Toss, Store…?

December 4th, 2015

Episode 177 of 540 episodes

This week we started getting holiday cards in the mail. I love it! I love seeing photos of people’s families, and I love the friendly feeling of getting all that good mail (for once). But here’s the question: what do you do with the cards? I admire the cards, keep them on the table in the hallway for a few days so that my husband and daughters can admire them — and then I toss them. When I mentioned this to a friend, she literally gasped out loud. She was shocked. She keeps cards through January before she throws them away, and she thought it was callous and disrespectful of me to toss them so quickly. (She didn’t say that to me, in just those words, but I got her drift.) Some people display cards, on the fridge, the mantelpiece, the bulletin board. But I like a bare fridge, and we don’t have a mantelpiece or bulletin board to use. So if I kept them, they’d just be in a stack on a counter someplace. I started asking friends what they did, and I discovered that one friend keeps the cards. Indefinitely. Now, I do keep a copy of our annual card — which, as I ...

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