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What My Husband Taught Me. About Unpacking.

June 15th, 2015

Episode 73 of 540 episodes

I’m on Day One of recovering from jet lag. So far, so good. One of the first things I did after I got home from Australia — after repeatedly hugging every family member and racing from room to room like a puppy — was to unpack. This was something I learned from my husband. When I was younger, I followed the “unpack as necessary” approach. I’d leave my suitcase open on the floor, and take out things as I needed them, or when I felt like putting a few things away. It took a few days to empty the suitcase. But over the years, I learned that this approach drove my husband nuts. It bugged him to see that open, half empty suitcase. So a while back, I decided that I could unpack immediately, out of love for him. And I quickly realized that this approach was much better. So, although I didn’t feel like unpacking within the first hour of getting home, I did — and it was a huge relief to have that task accomplished. Unpacking isn’t hard, but it feels hard. Also, what a relief to have everything put away. I reminded myself, yet again, of that Secret of Adulthood:

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