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Why Joining a Habits Group Can Help You Change Your Habits — and How to Start One.

January 15th, 2016

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One of the best ways to build good habits and happiness effectively – and also one of the mostfunways – is to join or start a group for people who want to change their habits. I get a lot of requests for the starter kit, from people who want to launch a Better Than Before habits group, where people work on their habits together. Want one? Request it here. These Better Than Beforehabits groups swap ideas, build enthusiasm, give energy and encouragement, and – probably most important – hold each other accountable. (Think AA and Weight Watchers.) No surprise, many of these requests come from Obligers, who now see that external accountability is the key to sticking to their good habits — they want to form the group that will give them that crucial accountability. Which is a great idea. Some solutions for accountability — like hiring a coach, working with a trainer, or taking a class — work extremely well, but they carry a cost; starting a habits group is free. And it’s fun. Group members don’t have to be working toward the same aims; it’s enough that they hold each other accountable. My ...

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