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Would You Commit a Random Act of Kindness If It Took 1 Minute & Could Save 8 Lives?

October 6th, 2015

Episode 140 of 540 episodes

In the happiness world, there’s a lot of talk about “committing random acts of kindness.” As I wrote about in Happier at Home, I’m a bigger fan of non-random acts of kindness — but there is one random act of kindness that I absolutely believe in. If you support organ donation, please speak up about it. Take a moment to sign the donor registry. That way, everyone can easily know your wishes, should the need arise. Also, let your family and friends know that you’d want to be an organ donor. Post a message on Facebook or Twitter, send out a blast email, talk about it over dinner. If and when they had to make a decision on your behalf, in a time of grief and shock, it would be a tremendous comfort to them to know what you would want. To make it easy to find what you wrote, add the hashtag #organdonor. This issue is particularly close to my heart. For decades, my husband had hepatitis C, which attacks the liver (he got hep C from a blood transfusion during a heart operation when he was eight years old). Well, it turns out the liver is a very, very ...

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