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Zoikes, We Got a Dog! Welcome, Barnaby.

September 8th, 2015

Episode 119 of 540 episodes

Big news! My family got a dog today. Listeners of the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast heard me discuss my inner debate with my sister Elizabeth, about whether or not to get a dog. (Listen here.) And then I talked about why I decided — yes, let’s get a dog! (Listen here.) In the end, as I tell Elizabeth on the podcast, I decided to “choose the bigger life” — a question I always find helpful when I’m having trouble making a tough decision. We went to pick him up to day. He’s an eleven-week-old cockapoo. So sweet and lovely. My daughters chose the name Barnaby. We’re excited, and truthfully — well, it’s probably more true for me than for the rest of family — a little overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and the learning curve. Wish me luck! And I’m racing through dog books. Whenever I need to learn or even experience something, I want to read about it. Any suggestions, please send my way. I asked for podcast listeners for dog advice, and got so many great insights and suggestions. Many people encouraged us to get a rescue dog. I have so much admiration for ...

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