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Immigrants create over 35% of Silicon Valley start-ups, including Google, eBay, Intel, Yahoo and PayPal. 40% of Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or their children. Over 27% of all new businesses in this country are created by immigrants. How do they do it? At the Immigrant Entrepreneur, I interview these successful founders to understand their struggles, breakthroughs, resources, and successes.


064 Luis Scull – Paying Airbnb Hosts up Front w/ Payfully

April 7th, 2017

Episode 95 of 95 episodes

If you are a host on Airbnb, maybe you would like to get paid before your guests arrive. Then you could beautify that room – so that it is worth what you are charging! Two Venezuelan/American friends founded Payfully https://www.payfully.co/, to help you do just that! The early ancestors of Luis Sculls were Quakers from England who came first to America and then later to Cuba. Generations later, when Castro’s communist government took over Cuba, their family with thousands of other Cubans, moved to Venezuela. (No, they did not all come to Miami). Luis Scull grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and came to America to attend college. Soon after, Venezuela descended into chaos under the dictator, Hugo Chavez. Luis entered the hedge fund industry in the Northeast where he thrived, until a Venezuelan friend invited him to bring his financial skills to co-found a ‘factoring’ company. Factoring means, to buy a business owner’s receivables at a small discount. The business owners they focused on were Airbnb hosts. In this episode, Luis talks about The entrepreneurial advantages of coming from a third world country (which Venezuela has become) What he appreciates about New York, and American entrepreneurs. How his immigrant experience/perspective gives him confidence and helps to perceive opportunities or obstacles. And talks to the immigrant with few resources. My favorite question: What he learned from his parents. And more … all in about 17 minutes

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