The Leviathan Chronicles

Christof Laputka

Arts, Literature, Performing Arts

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The Leviathan Chronicles is a full production audio drama about a clandestine war between two powerful groups of immortals that live in secret among mankind. One woman holds the key to uniting the immortals, but a rogue government agency may destroy her first!

Parental Advisory


A New Leviathan Soapbox to explain what has been happening behind the scenes.

Featured Podcast

The Leviathan Chronicles cover

Chapter 38

October 8th, 2013

The ultimate showdown in New York City between the Macallan and her strike force against The Blackdoor Group. Will Macallan find a Starstone to save Leviathan, and what will it cost her?

The Leviathan Chronicles cover

Chapter 37

September 11th, 2013

The location of the Soraxian aliens is revealed when Seinshun and The Blackdoor Group infiltrate the Morgan Library Museum. And back in the Pacific, Gregor has locked onto Rebecca Von Alt's psychic energy, leading Macallan to find transport to New York for her strike force - with the help of an unlikely ally.

The Leviathan Chronicles cover

Chapter 36

August 26th, 2013

Rebecca Kinderman's true identity is revealed. Together with Seinshun, they continue their tense collaboration with the Blackdoor Group to find the missing aliens. Tulley lands in New York City and starts hunting for Toshi. And Macallan and her strike force get an unexpected clue to help them locate a Starstone to save Leviathan.