The Leviathan Chronicles

Christof Laputka

Arts, Literature, Performing Arts

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The Leviathan Chronicles is a full production audio drama about a clandestine war between two powerful groups of immortals that live in secret among mankind. One woman holds the key to uniting the immortals, but a rogue government agency may destroy her first!

Parental Advisory


Chapter 23

January 12th, 2010

Episode 30 of 71 episodes

Mai Lee and Oberlin St. Clair are on their way to the capital city of Lhasa with the mysterious briefcase they stole from the Blackdoor Group. But Whitt Roberts has secretly boarded the train…and he wants his briefcase back. At the same time, Seinshun and Nathaniel have landed in Tibet and are racing to find clues as to the whereabouts of Macallan Orsel.

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